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Putting God at the heart of everything we do at Beautiful Memories

About   Hayley Fiche

Hello there! Welcome to Beautiful Memories. Here, we specialize in bringing dreams to life through exquisite hair and makeup artistry for weddings. I'm Hayley Fiche, the founder, and my story with Beautiful Memories is as personal as every stroke of my brush:

The Spark of My Passion

Ever since I was in the 3rd grade, makeup has been my world, all thanks to my two amazing older sisters. I used to be this little annoying girl, staring at my older sisters while they did their makeup and told me to go away. For me It was like watching a live art show every day! They would sometimes pass their used makeup down to me, and that's how my own adventure with makeup began.

Picure this: a young 8 year old, proudly walking down the stairs each morning, my face a canvas of my latest makeup experiment. My mom, always there to remind me, "Honey, it's time to wash your face before school." But I was hooked! I lived for blending, shading, and creating. My relentless enthusiasm finally won my mom over, and she finally allowed me to wear my creations to school.

From Passion to Profession

In high school, my journey took a professional turn. I attended cosmetology school, expanding my set of skills to include hair styling. It was here that I began working on weddings, and I haven't looked back since. The joy and satisfaction of being a part of someone's special day were incomparable. This wasn't just a job for me; it was a calling.

The Beginning of Beautiful Memories

The brand name for Beautiful Memories struck me instantly. This venture was more than a business; it was a commitment to creating timeless beauty. The name expressed everything I wanted to offer – not just makeup and hair services, but lasting memories for brides and their bridal parties. I knew I couldn't do this alone. So, I asked my best friend Kate to join me, and together, we began this beautiful journey.

Our Team, Our Family

Over the years, I've trained a team of professional hair and makeup artists. We share a common goal: to be the BEST in Indiana. We're constantly learning, growing, and evolving, taking classes to refine our skills. But what truly sets us apart is our faith. We place God at the center of everything we do. This reflects in our work, our relationships with clients, and our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

At Beautiful Memories, we believe in the power of faith and incorporate it into every aspect of our makeup and hair services. Our team is dedicated to creating stunning looks for weddings and special events, all while keeping God in the center of our work.

Why Choose Beautiful Memories?

Choosing us means you're not just getting a hair and makeup service. You're becoming a part of a family that values your story and your dreams. We understand the importance of your wedding day. As the first people you meet in the morning, we ensure your day begins with beauty, tranquility, and a touch of serene elegance.

Let's create beautiful memories together, memories that will last a lifetime, just like the bonds we form with each of our gorgeous brides.

Black and white photo of a makeup artist named Hayley (the founder) doing makeup on a beautiful bride named Amber.
Beauty & Faith

Our Commitment to Beauty and Faith

At Beautiful Memories, we are dedicated to creating stunning looks for weddings and special events. With God at the center of everything we do, we strive to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel radiant on your special day.


Our Team

Meet the talented individuals behind Beautiful Memories that we call our family ❤️

A profile photo of Hayley Fiche (the founder) She is smiling and has long beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. Not only is she a makeup and hair artist but she is also a top real estate agent in Fort Wayne Indiana.
Hayley Fiche
Founder & Lead Makeup/Hair Artist

Bringing over 12 years of expertise in wedding hair and makeup, Hayley is dedicated to crafting breathtaking looks for her brides while fostering a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. As a hardworking cat mom and real estate agent, she not only assists brides on their wedding day but also guides them through another significant life event—buying or selling their home. Juggling two successful businesses, Hayley finds joy in traveling and draws motivation from her unwavering faith, recognizing that her success is anchored in her strong foundation in Christ.

A picture of Kate the hair artist on her wedding day with her husband.
Lead Hair Stylist

Meet Kate, Our Lead Hair Artist, the creative force behind our hair artistry at Beautiful Memories, Kate started her styling journey practicing on her three younger sisters, perfecting everything from playful braids to elegant updos. Beyond the salon, she's a loving wife and dog mom to her two dogs, Dax and Luka. Passionate about being part of your special day, Kate combines her expertise with a personal touch to ensure your hairstyle is as memorable and unique as the moments you cherish. With her,  your hair is not just styled—it's a vital part of your story.

A photo of Dominique one of our talented makeup artists smiling by a window. She has her hair up and it's brown.
Makeup Artist

Meet Dominique, our talented makeup artist. She is not only a skilled professional but also a loving mother to an adorable one-year-old boy. Her lifelong fascination with makeup is evident in her artistry, and she takes immense joy in being a part of our brides' special day. Beyond the world of beauty, Dominique finds solace in singing, playing the guitar, and exploring new destinations through travel. With a rich background in hospitality, her passion for ensuring others feel welcome and cherished shines through in every aspect of her work.

A beautiful photo of our hair artist Sarah on her wedding day standing next to her husband. She has beautiful red hair.
Hair Stylist

Meet Sarah, our exceptionally talented hairstylist and a happily married adventurer. Sarah's love for styling hair has been a lifelong passion, and her innate gift shines through in every intricate design. Outside of weddings, she thrives on outdoor adventures, whether it's hiking, camping, or exploring new destinations through travel. Sarah holds her faith in the highest regard and feels truly blessed to contribute her expertise to our brides' special day. With her unique skills and unwavering commitment, Sarah adds a touch of wonder to every hairstyle she creates.

Placeholder image for our future artists, coming soon.
Makeup Artist

Meet Lesley, our talented Senior Makeup Artist, whose expertise has been crafted through years of dedicated service at MAC Cosmetics. Lesley discovered her passion for makeup at a young age and has since become an extraordinarily talented artist. A devoted mother to her young son and a loving wife, Lesley's life is a beautiful blend of family and artistry. Known for her serene and kind-hearted nature, Lesley brings an aura of calmness and warmth to every setting. Her commitment to going above and beyond for our brides is evident in the meticulous care she puts into every detail. Lesley is not only an exceptional makeup artist but also takes immense pride in being the best mother and wife she can be. With Lesley, every bridal experience is marked by a tranquil and gentle atmosphere, ensuring that each bride feels pampered and radiant on their special day.

Placeholder image for our future artists, coming soon.
Hair Stylist

Meet Ashleigh, our dedicated hairstylist. As a full-time hairstylist, Ashleigh is also pursuing studies in therapeutic massage and esthetics, showcasing her commitment to comprehensive wellness. Beyond the salon, Ashleigh is a devoted fur baby parent and cherishes quality moments with her family and friends. Her passion for hairstyling shines through as she effortlessly crafts beautiful and captivating looks for our brides. Ashleigh's multifaceted skills and continuous pursuit of knowledge make her a valuable asset to our team. With an innate talent for creating stunning hairstyles, Ashleigh brings a unique touch to every bridal experience. Her love for beauty, coupled with her warm and friendly personality, ensures that brides not only look radiant but also feel at ease and pampered on their special day.

Placeholder image for our future artists, coming soon.
Makeup Artist

Meet Deedra, our talented Senior Makeup Artist, with a wealth of experience acquired during her experience at MAC Cosmetics. A devoted mother to a young daughter and a loving wife, Deedra's life revolves around family and her passion for makeup artistry. Beyond the realm of makeup, Deedra serves as a registered nurse at Dupont Hospital, embodying a deep commitment to caring for others. Her dual expertise in both makeup artistry and hospitality is a testament to her versatile skill set. Deedra possesses an extraordinary gift for enhancing natural beauty, coupled with an unwavering dedication to ensuring her brides feel truly special. Her genuine kindness, coupled with her talent, makes her an invaluable asset to our team, leaving brides feeling not only stunning but also cared for on their important day.

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Black and white photo of a makeup artist named Hayley (the founder) doing makeup on a beautiful bride named Amber.